Hello, folks!

Some time ago I did a small Scala workshop for my colleagues. The main goal was to give a brief Scala introduction to Infra/Java/Javascript/Ruby/Python/PHP folks.

scala logo

Explaining Scala can become a quite challenging task. Scala encourages using functional programming techniques while it offers classic imperative ways to write the code.

It’s important to show core ideas of the language and explain basic concepts adopted in Scala world.

Scala slides

Slides cover following topics:

  • Immutability – good, mutations are bad
  • Everything returns data
  • Functions as first class citizens
  • How Scala and Java are similar?
  • Classes, Traits, Pattern matching
  • Monad is an exoskeleton
  • Options, Try and Futures as Monads


If you have any ideas how to improve the presentation, drop me a line in the comment or on twitter.