Hello, folks!

The week is going to the end and it’s a good time to think about useful or interesting things happened. So let’s start!

Soft skills:

Вера Подлесская. Почему мы молчим и мычим – a scientific point of view at one of the basic things in communication, a DNA of talking.

Unintuitive Things I’ve Learned about Management (Part 1) (Part 2) – retrospective from manager’side. What’s about motivating people a story about bright and dark sides of being the manager.


Daily Growth Tips #15: Как прокачать аккаунт в твиттере? – 18 tips to grow your account on Twitter. Found some new ways to deal with Growth Hacking of the community, some of them were quite controversial, though.

Resources Will Help You Grow Your Startup – useful links to resources I wish I’d have 3 years ago, starting my first side project.

How To Quit Your Job the Right Way – deep article about transitioning from being employed and starting challenging (but sometimes risky) travel


Flexible Feature Flipping/Flagging for Node.js –  a tool to simplify A/B tests


Toxic relationship habits most people think are normal – less toxic habits, better relationships, seems to be simple, but not easy. Formalized points to look at in the everyday life with your partner.

That’s what I’ve got for your for now. If you have some interesting books, links or ideas to share, feel free to drop a comment.