Generally optimists have a better life.

They are more easy-going and more likely to discover something new, that will bring them forward, also in their careers. Open-minded persons, with positive thinking out of the box, will more likely have better career development.

Personally, I also tend to be an optimist and to try to enable positive thinking while taking my day-to-day decisions. Although making it’s not that easy.

What is learned optimism about?

Learned optimism means projecting successful experiences to the reality and inspiring people to make a change to better. This idea is very easy to follow, and was perfectly explained on the video “LEARNED OPTIMISM” by Martin Seligman below:

What is so damn good about learned optimism is that is actually, “learned”, so everyone can get it on board. The concept of the “dogs” in the “boxes” from the video above can be easily projected to solving day-to-day problems and avoiding traps on the career development path.

Why it’s important for career development?

Following career path, you will find numerous “boxes” and “shocks” you would want to escape and make the change to better. Often it’s a very big problem since people are used to their “shocks” and “boxes”, they are used to a failure as the most common use-case.

It’s the case of learned pessimism or learned helplessness.

Everyone had at least a bit of such experience: stupid bureaucracy, super conservative boss or just a fear for the responsibility.

Learned helplessness with no career development

All these things can teach you to be “helpless” part of the big machine, a small screw. It’s not good and there is no room for career development.

What should I do to not get into this trap?

We can get rid of learned helplessness by taking an action. I would suggest a simple action list, tested on practice by me and my friends:

  • Do not focus on failures.

    It’s just one more lessons you’ve learned on your path. Treat it as a hint but not a punishment and remember everyone does mistakes, but not everyone learns from them.

  • Do project useful findings from your previous experience.

    There are always a lot of things that can be improved, so if you have a successful experience just project it to your problem, make a plan, and take an action. There is the most valuable thing you can do for your career development.

  • Help others to get rid of learned helplessness

    Inspire people finding outstanding solutions, pointing to the right direction. Pushing positive changes is always appreciated in healthy communities and good rewarded.

  • Positive constructive thinking

    When you solve complicated problem or issue, have clear mind and positive constructive approach. Everyone can say: “It’s a shitty solution …”, but be first to say: “I know the better way”

  • And last, but not least: smile more often

    It’s very small, but very powerful thing. If you are smiling, you will generate more positive energy around you.

This simple list stands for clear simple things we could hear earlier. But simple doesn’t mean easy. Each point requires hard work and fighting with the full bunch of fears, complexes, and pure laziness. But I believe you will do it!

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