Hi, folks!

Let’s talk today about productivity or how you can get things done.

You might want to get things done and achieve some goals in your life. Sound great, but often we got caught by the lack of motivation or bright ideas are just burnt in the fire of procrastination. In the article, I’ll try to share useful tips that help me to be more productive.

So, How to get things done?

1. Set up clear goals

Well, it depends on what are you going to do. Without a clear roadmap, it’s quite hard to get somewhere. If you want to climb at the top of the mountain, you need to pick the right mountain first.

Colored pencils in the line

Choosing the right goal might be a hard thing to do, but right goals can inspire and motivate you to do the right stuff.

2. No multitasking

At the first glance, multitasking seems to be a very cool thing, but it never worked for me either people I have worked. Sure there were tons of things to solve, but I’m still convinced that focus on the problem helps to get it done faster.

The biggest reason I don’t like multitasking is a continuous context change. Working on the complex matters put our brains to the context of the particular problem we are trying to solve.

Being in the context of the problem we can solve stuff much faster and do smarter decisions, because we just let our brain do its job.

By doing multitasking, we have to put also some efforts to getting to the context of multiple different problems at the same time blurring the focus. Often it leads to having lots of half-done stuff.

Moreover, we might add some “nasty” tasks to our daily activity, like checking stuff in social networks or having talks that are not relevant at the moment.

So one thing per time is effective key for boosting your productivity.

3. Work environment

You define environment and environment define you – told me one of my mentors.
Sure, motivation and good concentration on the right things might move you forward.

Mac book with books

But good and sustainable environment to work would help you to keep your progress, it’s an excellent support in the way of being productive.

Personally I use these good tips:
– Clean table and home directory
– Good music background for concentration
– Enough time to sleep and eat. No rush
– Lights
– Gym for eyes and body

You can add some things here, it’s highly individual, but most of them are similar and have common goal: healthy and sustainable environment.

Hope that tips were helpful for you.