Why people so afraid of making mistakes?

Actually it’s stupid because if you don’t want to make mistakes learning something it means that you don’t want to do it at all.

Every single time you start doing something new you most probably will fail because you don’t have enough experience in it. You are out of your comfort zone, you want to do things perfect but … the result if far from your expectations.

Exactly here you can choose what will happen.

It’s terrible feeling when you are failed and other can see it, you may feel stupid you are far from your comfort zone but terrifically want to get back there.

You can surrender but remain in your comfort zone or you can actually start suffering. Yeah exactly suffering because there are no another way to be good in your job/sport/your favourite hobby except hard work and learning from good teachers.

I heard some theory which says – if someone wants to become proficient in something need to **spend 10 000 hours doing this something ** (here you can put your job/sport/hobby) and then you definitely will be quite good in things you are doing.

So to achieve your success you need:
1. To be motivated.
2. Stay motivated. Overcome problems
3. Not to be afraid to look stupid, experience is learning
3. Learn, Learn and Learn
4. And last but not least: Less talks, more actions!!